Cyclists of Oakville

Behind every bike is a person, and those people have stories. Below are the many stories of the Cyclists of Oakville.

  • Fraser Damoff's Story

    I grew up in Oakville and I explored every inch of it on my bicycle. Whether it was visiting friends in Bronte or taking swimming lessons at Centennial Pool, I grew up exploring Oakville on two wheels. When we are kids, cycling is our first chance at freedom and an opportunity to explore the world beyond our immediate neighbourhood. As we get older, car commercials lead us to believe we can better connect with the world around us; better explore our world, by encasing ourselves in a steel automobile with glass windows separating ourselves from the outside world. For me, I went close to half a decade without riding a bike before I had the opportunity to fall in love with cycling again, oddly enough at a Cycle Oakville Group Ride through Kerr Village. Now five years later, I ride my bike with my wife to get groceries, to get coffee, meet up with friends at a local pub, and occasionally ride my bike to work. I look forward to an Oakville of the future, where we have a connected grid of cycling infrastructure that connects not only within Oakville, but with its neighbours Burlington, Mississauga, and Milton. Oakville can be more than just livable, it can be ridable too!
  • David Harris' Story

    I started cycling seriously about sixty years ago, when I did my first touring rides around the Devonshire countryside in England. Since then I have had the opportunity to ride in twenty-five countries on six continents as a result of a number of foreign work assignments, holiday travel, and annual European bike tours. I’ve collected many memorable adventures on my bike such as riding to the DMZ in Korea, going across the Pyrenees, riding around Canberra in Australia, climbing Mount Ventoux in France, cycling to the Colosseum in Rome, passing giraffes in South Africa and surprising gauchos in Argentina. As a member of the Oakville Cycling Club, I enjoy road and trail riding and I also bike as a means of local transportation as much as possible in keeping with the motto “Why drive if you can walk or ride?” I value my membership with Cycle Oakville as a means to continue and encourage new support for the cycling advocacy efforts that I have pursued for many years. These areas include improved cycling infrastructures in Oakville and the surrounding regions.
  • Momo Adamov's Story

    Momo started cycling on two wheels when he was just four years old. One year later, he took part in his first ever Cycle Oakville Social Ride, trying to race everyone else with his 12-inch little bike. That first group ride was a memorable experience for Momo: first of all, it happened on a rainy day (and he loves the rain!) and second, he felt so proud, at such young age, to be able to share his love for biking with others. He has been encouraged by his family to keep riding ever since, and five years later, cycling is definitely his preferred method of transportation to get to his daily destinations. Momo is a proud member of a school cycling group. His mornings are as happy as they could be, especially once he touches his bicycle's handlebars and hops on his bike. His cycling to school group starts from the furthest point of the “bike to school route” and makes designated stops to pick up students on their way to school and drop them off at the end of the day. He realizes that cycling can be dangerous, especially in the area of Oakville where he lives, where no bike lanes of any kind exist, either on the route to and from the schools, to the YMCA or to the Kerr Street Area. When he is riding his bicycle, Momo tries to stay alert and observe the road safety rules, with the hope that everyone else will! Despite the lack of bike lanes in his neighborhood now, he’s still hoping that things will change for the better soon, and riding with his friends will be much safer. His enthusiasm for cycling is very contagious, especially when he told us: “I really love biking. It makes me happy, it gives me a feeling of freedom when pedaling, it's a great way to move from place to place almost anywhere around! Riding the bicycle is pollution free and so much fun! There are two things that I enjoy most about biking: biking in the rain (it is awesome!) and biking with my family and friends (just as awesome!)"
  • Pam Damoff's Story

    My bicycle has been my favourite mode of transportation since I was a child growing up in London, Ontario. I remember saving up enough babysitting money to trade in my “kid” bike for a CCM Targa 10-speed. I loved that bike and it served me well. It took me work, school and play, and from London to Ottawa as a young staffer to Jack Burghardt, MP for London West. I still remember my first day In Ottawa getting on my bike and riding the Rideau Canal thinking “I'm going to love it here if I can ride like this.”

    Now that I split my time between Oakville and Ottawa (as MP for Oakville North-Burlington), I have a bike in each city. Whenever possible, I ride to meetings or the office. There is ls something about the freedom that comes when cycling that I've enjoyed since I was a child. As an elected official, I've strived to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and advocate for enhanced cycling infrastructure has always been a focus.

    Why am I so committed to cycling? Aside from the sheer joy that riding on two wheels brings, it is good for our health, the environment and our economy.

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